There are many transportation options in Australia that can be used to get there. especially if you are an international student who is always on a budget.

In Indonesia, as a student you will use transportation such as public transportation, KRL, etc. What’s more, with comfortable cleanliness, security, and ease of access.
Australia also has plenty of convenient public transportation for students. because Australia is aware of the large number of students who will be using public transport.

Therefore, if you are looking for information about transportation that you can use while in Australia, this article will provide the most complete information and guides.

Bicycles, environmentally friendly transport

Most international students spend AUD 700 – 1500 per year for transportation needs. So buying or renting a bicycle can actually be an economical alternative.

Public Bus

Buses are the most economical option for international students while in Australia. The service is arguably the easiest to find because it has many routes. and costs less than trains and taxis.
This city bus service can usually be accessed by using a smart card system. which can be used repeatedly.
There are also bus options that are usually used to go between cities. This type of bus itself is certainly more comfortable. because it has entertainment facilities, bathrooms, to wifi.


The railway system in Australia has basically connected all the states of Australia. With the main line that stretches as far as 33,919 km. which ultimately makes the train the easiest option. and fast for traveling between cities in Australia.

Taxi & Uber

For traveling that requires privacy, taxis can be a good option. Taxis can be called from the side of the road, just like in Indonesia. Taxis don’t have to be the first choice. because the price is arguably quite expensive. so as an international student you should try to find other options. or at least you can check the price first in the application. It should also be remembered that the price of a taxi is not negotiable. what is stated, that must be paid.

Aircraft: Australian Interstate Transport

Yep, if you want to travel super long distances but have to arrive in a short amount of time. For example, if you go from Sydney to Perth it’s about 40 hours to 1 week. depending on the itinerary. But by plane, you only need 5 hours. to cross from Sydney to Perth.

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