Time TravelTime journey is usually defined with David Lewis’ definition: An object time travels if and provided that the distinction between its departure and arrival times as measured within the surrounding world does not equal the length of the journey undergone by the thing. For instance, Jane is a time traveler if she travels away from house in her spaceship for one hour as measured by her personal clock on the ship however travels two hours as measured by the clock back house, assuming each clocks are functioning correctly.

In the distant future the human race divided into two distinct species, the Morlock and the Eloi. These humanoid species had much less intelligence than homo sapiens. The Morlock had been floor dwelling nocturnal beasts who had proficiency in mechanical skills. Their meals staple was the Eloi. The Eloi had been baldheaded and had little muscle growth. The only physical difference between Eloi children and adults was dimension. There appearance was unisex. The Time Traveler rescues and befriends a woman, Weena. Their friendship was an adult-baby like friendship. She is taken and presumed killed by the Morlocks. The ebook ends with The Time Traveler leaving in his time machine, better equipped for time journey. He never returns so it falls to his pal Filby to relay The Time Traveler’s story.

The inevitable development of time from the previous to the future resembles another indomitable legislation of nature: entropy. That’s the iron law of thermodynamics that states that closed systems go from ordered to disordered. (This law explains why an egg won’t ever just happen to unscramble itself when you depart it alone long enough). Is time linked to entropy? Maybe, but that’s the subject of one other article….

It appears that time journey may be a real chance, on condition that there exits exotic matter and a wormhole might be constructed. But there may be another relatively compelling reason that many people do not imagine that point travel is possible. If time travel were possible paradoxes can be allowed to exist and that most cherished notion of causality may very well be violated. Some have speculated that the universe could have a law that stops causality violation or paradox. Some, however, imagine that possibly we cannot journey to our own past and cause paradox but we are able to journey to the previous of a parallel universe.

But what causes this fluctuation along our one-approach trek from the cradle to the grave? It all comes all the way down to the relationship between time and area. Human beings frolic about in the three spatial dimensions of size, width and depth. Time joins the social gathering as that the majority essential fourth dimension Time can’t exist with out space, and area cannot exist without time. The two exist as one: the house-time continuum Any occasion that occurs in the universe has to contain both space and time.

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