Camper Van Safety: How To Do It Right

It’s crucial to understand how to stay safe in your camper van, whether you’re a novice or a seasoned van driver. Several ways to accomplish this include using steering wheel locks and immobilizers and safeguarding valuables.

Lockable storage

Choosing the right campervan storage accessories can help you make good use of your limited space. But there are also ways to improve security and keep your stuff safe.

You can purchase an all-in-one seating area with storage drawers. This system allows you to extend the seating area past the van when the door opens. It also includes a circular cut-out in the arm of the chair, which can be used as a small table.

If your campervan has high ceilings, overhead cabinets are an excellent way to maximize space. Overhead cabinets sacrifice headroom, but they provide ample storage space. They are handy for sports equipment and season-specific gear. Campervan rentals, like theĀ Iceland 4×4 camper rental, also offer enough storage inside their cars. This would be beneficial if you are traveling to Iceland, where there are a lot of nature trips. Another way to create storage space is to build into the doorway. This allows you to double the storage space of your cabinets or drawers.

Another great way to maximize your van’s storage space is to install a pull-out platform for your bicycles. This will make it simple for you to get to your bikes when you need them and store them away when you don’t.

You can also add an under-bed pull-out to keep your under-bed storage from sliding around when you’re in motion. It’s also a neat solution for storing shoes.

Keep valuables safe

Although keeping valuables secure in a camper van is complex, there are steps you can take to make it simpler. A safe is the best way to store your valuables, but you can also use a hidden box or a tricky hiding spot.

You can use your car to store your valuables if you don’t want to leave them in your camper van. Use a large enough safe to keep your laptop, camera, and other valuables. Look for safes that have locking mechanisms, as they are the best.

When you are traveling in your campervan, be sure to lock it at night. If you leave it unlocked, you may attract a thief. You can install an alarm on the doors or windows to deter thieves. If you don’t want to lock the van, consider a bolt-in safe that secures the entrances.

If you are staying at a private campsite, introduce yourself to the host. Most private camps are safe, but you need to keep an eye out for other campers.

Consider a small, portable safe you can attach to the van if you leave valuables inside. It can secure your passport and credit cards. A small safe can also be used to keep emergency cash.


Adding an immobilizer to your camper van can be an excellent way to prevent crime. An immobilizer is a device that disables the vehicle’s main components when you don’t have a key. These devices are also used to make sure the car stays locked.

There are many different types of security devices for camper vans. They range from steering wheel locks to pedal clamps, which lock the brake and clutch pedals.

There are many quality security devices available. The key is to choose the right one for your vehicle. You will probably be able to find an immobilizer depending on the make and model of your camper van.

The best way to find out about this device is to ask your vehicle’s manufacturer. Many manufacturers offer an immobilizer as standard. You can even have the car modified.

Steering wheel locks

Whether you tow a camper van or need extra security, consider a set of steering wheel locks. They are easy to fit and prevent thieves from using your steering wheel.

Numerous steering wheel locks can be purchased and are available in multiple sizes and hues. Some even feature alarms to scare off thieves.

Steering wheel locks are available in three sizes and come in various colors. There are full-face models, which are suitable for most cars, vans, and SUVs. Alternatively, bar and hook styles connect to the opposite sides of your steering wheel. You can also find a “hammer style” steering wheel lock that locks into place with a hammer.

If you want a more affordable lock option, consider a Kaycentop Steering Wheel Lock. These locks have a unique design that makes them difficult to remove. They are also affordable and come with a one-year warranty.

If you need a high-security wheel lock, consider purchasing online. This item revolves around your steering wheel and is made of hardened steel. It can be purchased online and comes in three sizes.

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